On your long list of things to do before your wedding, starting a registry is probably somewhere near the top. After you and your partner have decided which registry is best for your needs comes the fun (or more accurately, the stressful) part: deciding what products to add to it.

With an entire world of options at arm's reach, it's tempting to add anything that even vaguely strikes your interest. After all, you're not the one who has to buy it.


According to a 2017 study conducted by The Knot, the average wedding registry contained 125 items. But before you get overeager and add every Amazon gift idea you can, consider which products you'll actually use in your day-to-day life and which ones will just clutter your home and cause you more stress.

We asked married couples to tell us what products on their wedding registry proved to be the most useful.Below, you'll find the eight home and kitchen standouts you should add to your own registry.

An efficient countertop appliance


This air fryer has completely replaced the need for an oven or a microwave and it does everything an oven does in a third of the time. I roast a lot of vegetables in the air fryer and I also cook frozen items in here, too, and they come out crispy and perfect. It requires no cooking skill either. You can just throw the vegetables in and turn on the air fryer. —Cathy Dinsmoor, software engineer

A must-have coffee maker for coffee lovers


Our most-used item from our Zola wedding registry (we got married three years ago) is by far our stovetop coffeemaker. We went with a $100 Berghoff Studio Espresso coffee maker (the biggest size) and have since used it almost every day for three years.

It's expensive enough that I would have balked at buying it for myself, but we both love coffee so much and it's proven to be the most-used item we received as a wedding present. It's high quality, easy to use, and makes two cups of perfectly strong coffee within minutes. —Kim Renfro, entertainment correspondent

A Le Creuset Dutch oven


This was one of those items that I didn't originally have on my registry but my aunt kept pestering me about adding. Well, she was right. This is by far the best piece of cookware I received. It cooks meat and chicken to perfection and is large enough to make portions for eight to 10 people without needing to make a second batch of whatever dish I'd like to serve.

My husband did not understand why we needed such an expensive pot but once I told him it was the "Ferrari of cookware" and made brisket in it, he was sold on it, too. —Rachel Furst, associate product manager

Luxurious dip bowls


Nothing makes me feel fancier than having my friends over for dinner or just a plain ol' girls' night and being able to whip out my dip bowls. This is by no means a necessity (one could very easily just serve dips from the container they come in), but it just elevates any experience I host and brings me joy in a little but significant way. —Rachel Furst, associate product manager

A handheld steamer


I love this steamer, which my friend suggested we register for instead of an iron, and she was 100% correct. I find it so much faster than a standard iron and doesn't require space for an ironing board.

It's light and handheld so we can use it anywhere in our tiny apartment and even travel with it. It also has attachments for delicate fabrics, lint, and one that pulls the fabric taut for easier steaming. There's also a turbo mode for really wrinkly items. I've used it on T-shirts, dress shirts, delicate tops, bridesmaid dresses, and suits (there's even an attachment to create a crease). —Ashley Rodriguez, senior Future of TV reporter

A way to quickly slice fruits and vegetables


I got a mandoline slicer that I use way more than I ever thought I would. My favorite use for it is julienning zucchini for zucchini bread or making nice slices of things for easy salads. I have a healthy fear of slicing my fingers with it because of internet horror stories of mandolines but this really easy to use and I've never actually cut myself. It sits on the counter rather than one of the handheld ones. —Meg Teckman-Fullard, senior Business Insider Today producer

Another Le Creuset essential


The skillet is very versatile and we've made everything from grilled cheese to burgers to vegetable dishes with it. It's my main cooking implement — I wasn't a very experienced cook when we got married so it was useful to have something so flexible. It's durable (and heavy), easy to use, and it distributes heat well. —Marley Jay, senior investing reporter

A professional-grade blender


We used to have a cheaper blender but the Vitamix is on another level. We use this for everything imaginable on a near daily basis: smoothies, custom spice and BBQ spice blends, frothing lattes, salad dressings, sorbets and more. It comes with various blades to allow both dry- and wet-ingredient blending, making it so versatile in the kitchen. —Erica Liu Williams, founder of gr8nola

A sleek dish rack


This Simplehuman dish rack remains my favorite item that I received from my wedding registry. Super convenient in a small apartment, and something I never would have bought myself. —Ashley Rodriguez, senior Future of TV reporter

A bag that holds your entire picnic


We didn't register for a ton of things but we have been loving our picnic backpack and convertible breakfast tray so much! They're definitely nice-to-haves but make it easier for us to spend time outside and help make the gesture of bringing someone food in bed feel a little more romantic. The backpack is nice because it's easier to carry than a tote or a basket. —Starr Chen, software engineer

A speedy kettle


I love having my electric hot water boiler. I find that it makes my mornings more manageable (literally fill it up, switch it on, and forget it until I'm actually ready for my coffee) and my evenings more relaxing (can brew a cup of tea in a minute!). This, for me, is a luxury that I feel helps me save time in my day without sacrificing the joy of hot beverages. —Rachel Furst, associate product manager

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